Powder Mixer Ribbon Mixer Blender for Chemical, Plastic, Food, Cosmetic

Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

Ribbon mixer is designed for dry materials mixing, meantime liquid streams can be added. This mixer is composed of U-shaped cylinder, double helical ribbon blade and transmission parts. In working condition, the outer ribbon pushes materials from two sides to the middle, while the inner ribbon pushes materials from the middle to both sides. Through continuous convective circulation, the materials are sheared and mixed thoroughly and quickly. Batch cycle time shorten due to high mixing efficiency.



Dry Powder, Putty, Modified Corn Starch, Real Stone Paint, Chemical, Food, Animal feed, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, Plastic, Battery, Cosmetic.


50L~10000L are available

Fabricating Materials: SS304, SS316L, Carbon steel/MS

Heating/cooling jacket optional

Discharging Outlet: Bottom or Side

Customized machine is available.





Ribbon Blender Capacity Table

Model Total Volume Effective Volume Power
ABFRB100 100L 60L-80L 2.2KW-3KW
ABFRB300 300L 180-240L 4KW
ABFRB500 500L 300L-400L 7.5KW
ABFRB1000 1000L 600L-800L 11KW
ABFRB1500 1500L 900L-1200L 11KW-15KW
ABFRB2000 2000L 1200L-1600L 15KW
ABFRB3000 3000L 1800L-2400L 18.5KW
ABFRB4000 4000L 2400L-3200L 22KW
ABFRB5000 5000L      3000L-4000L 22KW
ABFRB6000 6000L 3600L-4800L 30KW
ABFRB8000 8000L 4800L-6400L 37KW
ABFRB10000 10000L 6000L-8000L 45KW


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