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MIKRONS ... the perfect mix of technology, quality and service. We don't sell equipment, we build relationship

MIKRONS offers the most extensive and innovative line of horizontal mixers and kneaders used for mixing powder, dough, cream, batter, paste, sludge, slurries and granules for various applications such as the baking industry, pharma, ceramics, sealing compounds, metal powder, adhesives, brake lining, confectionery, carbon black, ceramic powders, grease, magnetic tape coatings, silicone rubber, soap & detergent.


Our mixers are designed and manufactured by the industry's leading talent right here at Chennai. We develop technology that not only makes the mixing process more consistent, but also minimizes downtime through maintenance-free and enhanced sanitation designs.

MIKRONS advantage is that it delivers the special features and benefits that guarantee maximum production efficiencies, improved product and uniform processing-even with the stiffest of doughs.

You can depend on us for complete turnkey service. We will get your mixing system to you on-time, when you need it, and install it quickly. Your personnel will quickly learn how to operate and maintain your new equipment for optimal efficiency. We stand behind you with quality customer service long after the sale is completed. All at a competitive price.


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