1000 liter Ribbon blender

Ribbon Blender range and specification



Ribbon Blender is used to blend powder product like Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Dyes, Pigments, Organics, Agriculture products, Minerals, Pesticides & Food products.


Abster Ribbon Blender is one kind of mixer to mix different powders. Horizontal mixer is precisely designed to maintain combination of three major dimensions is Diameter, Ribbon width and Pitch. It is for effective distribution of very small amount of additive added is getting effected and assures homogeneity of final output. Powder is got Rotary as well as horizontal motion in positive direction to get effective blending which is happen by design perfect sizing of inner and outer ribbons.

We designed machine to help our customer to get very good productivity. Easy dismantle for cleaning and quick reassemble is possible by Fabricated U-trough, bolted ribbons and arms, Shaft on heavy duty bearing and housing, bolted End plates, bolted stuffing box.

Optional Features:

  • Fluid coupling to start blender in loaded condition.
  • Liquid spray arrangement.
  • Material construction as per requirement.
  • Special changes to fit in Layout.
  • Special size on demand.
  • Outer Jacket for hitting/cooling.
  • Roster type Blender
Model Motor (HP) Useful Module(Liters)
ABFRB-20000 60-75 20000
ABFRB-15000 50-60 15000
ABFRB-12500 40-50 12500
ABFRB-10000 30-40 10000
ABFRB-8000 30-40 8000
ABFRB-6000 25-30 6000
ABFRB-5000 20-25 5000
ABFRB-4000 20-25 4000
ABFRB-3000 15-20 3000
ABFRB-2000 10-15 2000
ABFRB-1500 10-12.5 1500
ABFRB-1000 7.5-10 1000
ABFRB-500 5-7.5 500

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Industrial powder mixer /ribbon blender / dry powder mixing machine,

316 SS horizontal mixing processing laundry bleaching soap washing detergent powder

Powder Horizontal Ribbon Blender/Powder Mixer/mixing machine



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