1500 L Homogenizing Emulsifying Machine , Emulsion Mixer , Emulsion Machine

1500 L Homogenizing Emulsifying Machine , Emulsion Mixer , Emulsion Machine

Product Description

 1)Equipment includes:

Oil pot ,      Liquid Pot ,Emulsifying Mixer Pot

Heating And Cooling System( Electrical or Steam ) ,

Sweep Wall Stirrer(Low Speed Mixing System)

Vacuum System (water circulating pump)  ,Up-down Cover Lifting System ,Discharging System


2)Process Flow:

a. oil and others ,heated and mixed in Liquid Pot and Oil Pot.

b. Materials ,Sucked into emulsifying pot  by vacuum system

c. Stirred by both the center blade and side scraper. Then cut off in cut-off mixing unit,all in the Emulsifying Pot.

d. The materials are finally crushed into small pellets of 200um~2um.

e. The finished product , pumed out from Discharge Valve



3)Main Technical Parameter

Design Volume(L)Working Volume(L)Size(mm)weight(kg)Voltagle and Power
15001200 4100*4020*3530mm(up 4960mm) 4500KGCan be Customized


a.The Mixing speed is Adjustable
b. Having a platform,easy to observe and operate
c.The bubbles (generated during stirring and mixing process), sucked out from material,because of Vacuum Effect
d.Machine Materials,ss304.And ss316 or ss316L according to the requirement of Corrosion Resistance


1.what the machine can be used for ?

Can be used for production of Cream,Paset,High Viscous Liquid.Such as,Food(Mayonnaise,Salad dressing),Cosmetics(Hand cream,Face cream,Sunscreen cream,Hair dye,lipstick),

Daily Chemical(Lotion cream,Toothpaste),Medical(Ointment) and so on.