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Mixing of Silicone Rubber

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How to mix silicone rubber ?

the mixing of silicone rubber. Mixing of tough masses such as rubber require special equipment such as kneaders. These mixers need to be robust in construction and consume high power.

500L Silicone sealant Double Z Arm Extruder kneading mixer/Jacket cooling sigma arm kneading mixer

silicone sigma mixer


This kind machine is mainly used in high viscosity product Resins,Sealant,Silicon rubber,Glue/adhesive,Paint,Dye,  BMC/CMC,  high voltage insulating silicone rubber Sigma Kneader , Pigment,Plastics,Batteries,Tooth paste,Clay etc.


This machine comprises of a double ‘U’ shaped container welded and machined together inside which rotates two ‘Z’ shaped sigma blades in opposite directions. The clearances between the walls and the container are kept to a minimum to ensure maximum efficiency in kneading and mixing. The shafts of the sigma blades are fitted in bearing blocks which are each provided with roller bearings, steel glands/teflon rubber seals for smooth and leakless operations. The kneader is mounted on a sturdy base frame fabricated out of ISMC sections and are free from vibrations. For cooling and heating jackets are provided.Machine equipped with suitable capacity motor & gearbox decided as per characteristics of the product & process. Equipment is provided with Jacket arrangement for heating or cooling applications. We manufacture Sigma Mixer Kneader in capacity ranging from 5 liters up to 3000 liters.

Sigma Mixer Working Principle

Silicon compounding sigma mixer


Start the motor,add the material,after adding material,clean the foreign matter on the cylinder port.It takes Hydraulic Dumping up cylinder Discharge the material,it is rapid and clean to discharge.


1.Excellent sealing performance(copper sealing ring)

2.Simple installation-only a single power cable

3.No leakage of powder /oil-proof

4.Automatic and manual interaction

5.heating quickly, resistance of high temperature and corrosion, sanitation, environment-pollution-free, automatic heating without boiler and convenient to use etc

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Sigma Mixer Application

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sigma blade mixer advantages

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Sigma blade mixer is a kind of mixer which is specialized in using mixing high viscous material .

Double Arm Sigma Mixer

sigma blade mixer advantages

Sigma blade mixer is used for chewing gum, bubble gum, toothpaste, plastic, rubber, silicone rubber, dyes, pigments, inks, food base, pharmaceuticals, architectural coatings, carbon, fiber, high viscosity sealant, neutral glass glue, aluminum silver Pulp, silica gel, pulp, cellulose, battery paste, dyes, silicone resins, cosmetics and other industries.

The sigma mixer machine is a special mixing and mixing device. The most common one is to use two squeegee blades, which are arranged in a side-by-side differential speed type, that is, the speed of one stirring paddle is fast, and the speed of one stirring paddle is slow, so as to produce high Shear force, different paddle speeds enable the material to be quickly sheared so that the material can be totally mixed


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