Wall Putty Ribbon Mixer

horizontal wall putty mixing machine

 horizontal wall putty mixing machine , Wall Putty Ribbon Mixerwall putty mixing machine

horizontal wall putty mixing machine , Wall Putty Ribbon Mixer wall putty mixing machine

This machine is widely used in the production of all kinds of powder materials, such as dry mortar, putty powder, stucco gypsum, diatom ooze, ceramic tile adhesive, bonding mortar, insulation mortar mixing and etc.


It is a new type of mixing equipment with high efficiency, high uniformity, high load factor, low energy consumption, low pollution and little destruction to frangible material.

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Features of mixing machine

1. Horizontal tank body, covers small area

2. Bearing is on both ends of the mixer, the material is not easy to enter, repair rate is low.

3. Gear box drive the auger shaft, simple maintenance ,high efficiency,save both  time and labour.

4.  Under the bottom or the sides  of the tank , there is a flap dome valve (pneumatic control or manual control) of the center. The valve is arc design to make sure no material deposit and no dead angle when mixing .There is a lid and fence on the top of the tank, it seals the tank well, so that no powder will come out during mixing .

5.U- Shape tank bottom, easy operate, stir uniformly,  no dead angle, better for material discharge and cleaning.

 Mixer Application


Mixing Principle of the machine

When the material feeds into the mixing tank, the outer ribbon make the material move from the sides to the center, and the inner ribbon moves the material move from the center to the sides. So the material in the U-tank will get the complete mixing in a short time.

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