silicone Mixer kneading machine for Liquid with Suspended Solids

Silicone sigma mixer

5L-2000L series kneader applies to CMC of various viscosity in chemistry, plastics, rubber, ink, carbon, medicine, food fields. The “Z” double screws mix the material well, and speed the reaction. This series production can divided to three different types: normal types, press types, vacuum types. It can heat by electricity or steam, and cool by water. The discharge methods are hydraulic tilt cylinder mold, global valve discharging mold and screw extrusion.

1. The stainless electric heating reaction kettle is the novel style product absorbing the advanced technology at home and abroad.
2.It is widely used in the industries of medicine, building material, chemicals, painting material, resin, foods etc.
3.It has the advantages of heating quickly, résistance of high temperature and corrosion, sanitation, environment-pollution-free, automatic heating without boiler and convenient to use etc

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