Hot melt Adhesive Silicone Sigma Mixer

Food Grade Sigma mixer machine

Industrial hot melt adhesive production Sigma blade Mixer
hot melt adhesive sigma mixer with extruder

Adheshive Mass Sigma mixer
Hot melt adhesive,as known hot melt glue, hot melt adhesive sigma mixer is to create the most advanced large torque kneading machine. It can be kneaded viscosity in the hundreds of thousands of cps to 100 million cps, the heating temperature at 170 ℃, the vacuum can reach 0.095Mpa, hot melt adhesive kneading machine not only the function of screw extrusion, but also to solve the traditional The phenomenon of the raw material of the kneading machine.
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How it work

Hot melt adhesive z blade mixer machine can replace the old craft production (open-type mill machine and open-type refining machine combination), and the use of this kneading machine produced by the plastic on the empty glass butyl hot melt, car seal , Building seal tape and other effects are very good: 1, good forming effection 2, the appearance of bright and beautiful 3, to eliminate the bubble in the compound. Hot melt adhesive kneading machine is the production of butyl hot melt adhesive and butyl tape manufacturers indispensable production tools.
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Hot melt adhesive sigma mixer production process is roughly: the first step is to hot melt formula ratio will be good raw materials, and then added to the mixer machine, heating the system through the temperature to melt, stirring mixed evenly, and then by vacuum, Remove the bubbles inside the glue and so on. The second step is to melt the sigma kneader melt through the material pump, through the filter system into the packing die, or into the mixing tank and then into the sub-assembly die, into the box, the packaging will be hot Glue can be cooled, the entire block of hot melt adhesive production line is completed
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Hot melt adhesive sigma mixer complete production line will be supporting: sigma mixer machine, mixing tank (optional), coarse filter, high viscosity pump, fine filter, roller conveyor, heating system, vacuum system

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