Chocolate Coating Pan

Chocolate Coating Pan Coating Machine Manufacturer


Chocolate coating pan is used for coating chocolate or sugar on the surface of granular foods, such as peanut, almonds, raisin etc. It is also used for polishing chocolate in different shapes, after polishing the chocolate is excellent in luster, color and shape.


Main Parameters:

Capacity: 50-70kg/batch
Diameter of pan: 1000mm
Dip angle of pan: 30 degree (non stage control)
Motor power: 1.5kw
Rotation speed: 0-32 round per minute
Weight of machine: 250kg
Size of machine:1100x1100x1600mm
Material of pan: all stainless steel
Material of machine frame: stainless steel or painted carbon steel

Variable rotation speed of pan.
Hot air heating system.

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